Black on Black Event – @Hashtag District

Jade is wearing Sleepwear from Marquesse@Hashtag District {SPOTLIGHT} EVENT
The Event Theme is Black on Black  
November 15 to November 30, 2017
Outfits His & Hers Sleepwear
Below I’m wearing the Sleepwear in Black and Red with “Hers” slippers.
The slippers are free at the event!
(Other colors available – Blue, Green and White)
Perfect for the upcoming colder Winter nights!
See you around the Grid! ~ Jade

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The Best Point with EC’s Krista Dress

Emerald Couture is at The Point with this cute dress and you can buy the matching shoes there, too.  Also, you can pick up the Snowflake jewelry  (gold) for FREE!  Here’s the pics!  This is at the landing point…I would turn to my left, and walk up the street…you’ll see the shop and the Krista Dress.  (I’m wearing Burgundy.)
Jade with Krista Dress and Shoes_001
Here I am in the shop, wearing the Krista Dress in Black, and the Krista shoes – Gold.  The jewelry is just in time for Christmas gifting, or wearing!  Thank you to Q Poses for “Haute” pose.

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Here’s the landmark to The Best Point:
Emerald Couture will be there from November 11th to November 30, 2017

Hope to see you around the Grid!  ~ Jade


Being Bossy on Bikes with Beach Booty

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I have so many people to thank for these pictures that I’m going to be sounding like a race car driver after a win. But, I had fun today on my KWJR Tarheel Bike.  Norm made it custom..that’s what he does.
So..I was on my Bike, wearing Miss Bossy, a new design from Marquesse.  (4 different colorsand boots!) You can check it out at the Designer Circle until November 18th!  Hurry! 🙂
The poses are from Q Poses and these are called Beach Booty.  I love these poses because they are so adjustable!  It’s fun to play around and see what I can do with them.
So…get the pose and place your photos in Flickr in the SL Bikers and Babe group.

For a recap:
Jade is wearing Miss Bossy – by Marquesse (at the Designer Circle)
Posing using Q Poses – Beach Booty (soon to be in the Marketplace)
And posing with a Custom made bike – KWJR Tarheel bike
designed by Norm Reynolds
And as always…I’ll see you around the grid.  ~ Jade

Banshee Blue – Designed by V-Twins

Jade is wearing  – Banshee Blue – by V-Twins
Outfit consists of Skirt and Jacket (Maitreya Bra not included)
(Skirt & Jacket has selection of patterns – Click to view)
* Pose by Q-Poses
Banshee Blue_001
See ya around the Grid! ~ Jade ♥
And if  you are looking forward to the Holidays – I hope to see you  at the
SL Christmas Expo! 
The Holiday Ball is scheduled for November 23rd.
Check out the website for more!

Kidding around with Q-Poses

Hi Everyone!  If you have come to Norm’s shows, you know he sings the song – “It’s Hard to Kiss the Lips at Night that Chew Your A$$ Out All Day Long”.  So, I got this outfit a long time ago…and tonight I brought it out at a show.   BUT Then….I got home and thought..why not pair it with Q Poses “Attitude”?  Here ya go..and this girl’s got it…

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To buy it on the Marketplace – click the link above or copy and paste this in your browser:

See ya around the grid!  (Hope I don’t get the cold cream on ya!)  ~Jade

Q Poses - Attitude sit_001
The cigarette is provided with the pose. 🙂

“Ranger Blue” Perfect for Casual Wear

Ranger Blue_001

Jade is wearing – Ranger Blue – from V-Twins
The top has 30 different selections (colors & patterns) in the hud.
Click here to see the outfit on V-Twins website.
The pants and belt can be changed, too.

V-Twins inworld:
Ranger Blue in the Marketplace   <-Just click and buy.
Pose “Haute” by Q Poses  (Coming to Marketplace Soon!)
See you around the grid! ~ Jade ♥