Summertime with Marquesse Fashions


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Nautical Outfit with sneakers designed by Marquesse
Fits Maitreya, Freya, Isis, Physique, Venus & Hourglass.
Awesome Summer outfits!
InWorld, 2 Locations:


Backfire by V-Twins

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Backfire by V-Twins – available in 2 Versions – Biker’s and Colors
Fits Maitreya, Slink, Belleza
Hud for Top and separate Hud for Shorts
Hud for top – 22 colors and 8 patterns
Hud for shorts – 8 colors
I’m at Red Rock, you’ll soon see more pics of Backfire featured in the
Rideout Magazine!
See you around the Grid!  ~Jade

First try with a Bento Head

Hello Everyone!  Daddy’s Choice Designs gave me the opportunity to try a Bento Mesh Head and you can, too!  I was so excited, and with their hud it is very, very easy.  The Omega hud allows you to add the head, and then …..wah-la…it’s on you! (And that’s awesome given the “scaredy cat” of change that I am.)  It comes with make-up choices, eyelashes, Bento hud for facial expressions, you know…all the good stuff!
Here’s the start of my adventure with the Misty Bento Mesh head.  Thank you Daddy’s Choice Designs, for starting me out on the right track!
DCD Misty Bento Head_004Daddy’s Choice Design InWorld (Main store):

Tianna Skirt by Daddy’s Choice Designs

Yes, here I am at Daddy’s Choice Designs in my Tianna Skirt.  The peek-a-boo lace inset gives it elegance.  With the hud provided, you have the ability to change the skirt color (6 colors) and the lace (6 colors), so you can mix and match.


Don’t you just love it when the designers give you a choice?  I do!  So, come by the store and pick up your “Tianna Skirt today! Only at DCD:

        *Check out yesterday’s blog for more skirt pics, too.

See you around the grid! ~ Jade

The Seige – designed by V-Twins

V-Twins has done it again!  There are so many choices with the Siege, this could be the only outfit that you need to buy this summer!  There are choices for the skirt, bra and jacket where you can pick colors or patterns (even fur!).
Just check it out!  You’ll be glad you did!
All info available in one click below:
On the Marketplace, too!

See ya around the Grid!  ~ Jade

Socks & Shoes and My 200th Post!

With my 200th post, I would like to tell you about the neatest shoes and socks in SL.
Chloe Sneakers & Kneehighs by Daddy’s Choice Designs
Just look:

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Chloe Sneakers & Kneehighs fit Maitreya, Belleza, Ocacin and Slink.  The hud….
20 Choices of Sock colors ; 10 Choices of Shoe colors;  10 Choices of Laces colors
(and…you can even change the eyelets!)  Perfect for summer outings and runs to
Daddy’s Choice Designs!
See you around the Grid!  ~Jade

Cinderella Step Aside

Marquesse has done it again, and just in time for all the Springs Parties!
The Spring Dress is a beautiful gown,
and with the Delicate Cloak (which is an Anniversary Gift)
it has become one of my favs.
You’ll feel like Cinderella.
If you’d rather  not wear white, there is a light blue, and yellow Spring Dress just waiting for you InWorld.  They are ready for your purchase at
Marquesse InWorld Store:
Marquesse Logo


Let’s Go “Downtown”!

It’s mix and match color on the top and skirt, and I love all the choices, after all isn’t that what a great outfit does?  Yes! And Downtown from V-Twins is the perfect outfit for you  this spring and summer.  Downtown color_002.png

I’m standing in front of some of the some of the best riding bikes, and best looking,  in Secondlife – KWJR Customs.  I’ve picked each outfit to match the bikes.  Now, how cool is that! 🙂  (Thank you V-Twins!)  I’m in front of the KWJR Mystique.

Downtown color_004I should have added a strip of black to either the top or bottoms for these bikes. 🙂
Next, I posed in front of  2 of my favorites:  Indian Chief Blackhawk and Indian Chief R/B.  The saddle bags enhance each one.

Downtown color_003

The turquoise and gold colored feathers on the Mystique SE2, really shine when the bike is rezzed.

And last but not least, who wouldn’t like the Classic 50s Indian Bobber?  It’s a beauty, and rides like a dream.Downtown color_001

It’s fun to see what looks the best with each bike…and the top & skirt fits so well.  I’m using the Downtown – Color Version, but I want to check out the Biker version, too.
Here’s your link to the Marketplace.
Here’s V-Twins InWorld Link.  Just click on the underlined words. 🙂
Many thanks to KWJR Customs for supplying the hot bikes.

See you around the Grid!  ~ Jade

Scrambled Blue

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Check out Scrambled Blue at V-Twins.  There are so many color combos, and I love all the patterns.  In the picture, I chose a Google Tee, but if you are a Batman fan, there’s one for you, and if you are a mechanic – there’s one for you, too…and more.
The shoes are V-Twins, Bootleggerz – Florence, perfect for your summer wardrobe.

You can get these items here:
 V-Twins Store InWorld:

Scrambled Blue on the Marketplace