Traveling around the Grid

Hi Everyone!  I’ve been traveling around the SL Grid, and I’ve found some very awesome venues and sims.  This is only the beginning. 🙂

As I was thinking about writing this article, I decided to set out to Chess Wonderland.  As I roamed around this interesting sim, I came across a band and had to join in. (ofc) 🙂

Chess Wonderland_Vetita

I had to wear something besides Black and White, and thinking back, I should have changed this neat outfit to Red.  Marquesse has designed a hud with many colors to change to, including green (that I’m wearing), black, red, purple, light blue, and dark blue.  I think there is a few more, but I’m not inworld at the moment.

Next, I received a Notice to come and hear some awesome tunes at “Down On the Corner“.  It’s a new place in town, and the people, DJs and Hosts play the best music!
Down On The Corner

That’s an article from Biker’s Weekly, which is a magazine that I write for in Second Life.

My third destination has contests, Bike shops, clothing shops, and all kinds of parties…all at The Broken Spoke Biker’s Sim (Laconia 111,82,23)

I had the pleasure of arriving on Beach night, and DJ Merlin was playing Jimmy Buffet tunes.

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I found out from Ally that The Broken Spoke has contests starting at 2pm or 4pm until Midnight.  The night I went they were giving away a Bike. (Designed by Ally – Li’l Bird Customs)  There are Bike Shops, Clothes shops, and lots of fun at the Contests.  DJ Merlin and Host Ally can be found there every Monday and Tuesday at 4 pm SLT.

I’ll keep traveling – and you never know where I’ll turn up next.  Perhaps I’ll come to your sim…keep a light on for me. 🙂
See ya around the grid. ~ Jade


Summertime is Calling Me!

What’s more fun than the sun, surf and sand?  Marquesse has the cutest bikini named Lilly.  I have the green one on in these pictures, and the poses are from Q Poses, this one is titled “The Bordoir”. (The umbrella comes with the pose set.)

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I have the Beach Green Bikini and the Beach Black Bikini. You can find it and the poses at these stores in world:
Marquesse  Store –
Qs Poses Main Store –

See you around the grid! ~ Jade

Sookie Jade – Visiting On9


After today’s Rally, I decided to check out the On9 Event.  There are some awesome designers there, and I picked up a demo or 2 to try.  Qs Poses are there as well, and so I decided to try out the “Bride”.  (I believe it is discounted for this event….the poses are just what a Bride would want.)  I had fun with the poses, and decided to wear the Lingerie (which is cool as a bikini, too) from Marquesse.
Bride Q Poses Marquesse SA.png

Here are just 3 of the poses in the pack, and they are so much fun.  The Amanda Lingerie fits my Maitreya body very well.  There are more fits in the folder, from Slink to Classic.  The shoes, which I will highlight on my flickr page, are from Shoe-ddition named Animal Attraction.  This set is named Snake.

See you around the grid.  ~Jade

Marquesse & Q Poses Continued…

As promised in my last blog, I have the next poses in Q Poses – Zodiac Series…..Fire & Water.  Do they mix?  Oh yes! With the cutest clothes from Marquesse , and the awesome shoes to match from Shoe-ddition, they do!  I had fun wearing the Zinnie Red and Zinnie Blue, while posing.  I’ve posted the links to the store after the pics.  Happy Shopping and Happy Mother’s Day on May 14th! (She’d like the outfits and the poses….hint, hint. 🙂

FIRE 3 Pics for Blog.png

WATER Zinnie Blue

Marquesse  Store –
Qs Poses Main Store –

See you around the grid! ~ Jade

Q Poses-Zodiac (Earth & Air) with Marquesse – Zinnie (Green & Yellow)

EARTH 3 Pics for Blog.png

Marquesse has designed summer outfits that will delight you.  Zinnie Green comes with a top, bra, pants and the Shoes designed by Shoe-ddiction.  These poses are from Q Poses, and they are members of the Zodiac Set – Earth.


AIR 4 Pics for Blog.png


These poses, also members of the Zodiac quad are titled “Air”.  I’m wearing Marquesse designed Zinnie Yellow  (Bra, Shirt, and Pants) with Shoe-ddiction Shoes.  These outfits fit the Maitreya body like a glove.  The bike (Sabre) was designed & supplied by KWJR Customs and Racing – it will be given away free at Norm’s Benefit this weekend. (May 5th – 7th)  As always – see you around the grid. ~ Jade

Look for 2 more sets of poses and outfits in my next blog, and the store landmarks are:

Marquesse  Store –
Qs Poses Main Store –

Marquesse Noir- Sophisticated & Qs Poses – Dangerous

Noir1 Dress Q Dangerous Minds_3 poses

Marquesse has designed yet another sophisticated dress that can be worn during the day, or at any party you attend at night.  Noir 1 – located on the left and right with a gray insert, and Noir 2 – in the center with a white insert.  Both come with Shoe-ddiction shoes, shown below.

Two lovely dresses with shoes to match will be at the Fashion Dazzle Event from May 1st to May 30th!  And I have used Qs Poses to show the dresses off.  These poses are called “Dangerous Minds” with 6 different poses.  (Three are shown here, all 6 will be featured on my flickr page.)

Noir1 Shoes Q Dangerous Minds_009
Shoe-ddiction Noir 1
Noir2 Shoes Q Dangerous Minds_008
Shoe-ddiction Noir 2

I hope to see you around the grid wearing these lovely outfits and using the amazing poses. 🙂    ~ Jade

Marquesse  Store –
Qs Poses Main Store –
Fashion Dazzle:

100th Post – a Bang Bang of a Celebration!

Hip, hip, hooray – 100 posts!  With this post, I’ll be writing about the Bang Bang Pose from Qs Poses.  I’m telling you, these poses are fun!
My first Picture is entitled “Don’t Mess with the Knight”
Bang Bang Pose.png

Yes, this is the KWJR Dark Knight, and it rides as good as it looks.  Norm sells his bikes for 1,000L, but really he could sell them for much more.  (People tell him, that for the bikes he makes, he should be charging more.)  He always says that he wants everyone in SL that wants a bike to have one.  There are a lot of people that are on a fixed income, and he’s not going to be greedy.

I like this pose. (BTW, the props come with the pose.)  This makes me want to say, “Hey Punk, make my day.”  ahhahaa.

Bang Bang_004

Did I see an intruder or was he spying on me?  Either way, I’ll be ready…Jade’s packin’!

If you came to my blog after reading Biker’s Weekly, check out the landmarks below.  Yes, go get your Bang Bang Poses and Have fun!  See ya around the grid! ~ Jade

Pose Fair 2017 –
Qs Poses Main Store –
KWJR Customs & Racing Main Store  –

Lean On – Qs Poses & Marquesse – Maya Lace Dress

Hi Everyone!  I’m tickled pink to be a blogger for Qs Poses.  I saw them first at the Pose Fair 2017 (See previous’s still going on..until 4/29/17).  But, I was pleasantly surprised when I logged in and saw I was accepted as their blogger.  Thank you so much!
My first pose – is a group of 5 titled “Lean On” 

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I’m wearing the Maya Lace Dress from Marquesse, and The Slink Heels that come with the outfit.  This dress comes in the colors of Red (shown), Black, Green (shown), Grey, Purple and Blue.  Awesome fit and actually, after this shoot, I went dancing at the Flash Dancer’s Beach and received many compliments on the outfit. 🙂  (Yes, I am wearing the Maitreya Body with Slink feet.)

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See you around the grid!  ~ Jade

Pose Fair 2017
Qs Poses Mainstore –
Marquesse  Store –

Pose Fair 2017! What fun!

I had no idea how many poses there were in SL, until I went and viewed the creations at the Pose Fair.   You see I’m a click and snap photographer, and yes I use Photoshop, sometime, but I like to get the feel of the moment.  I liked Q Poses.  They had a flair to them, and he provides a set of poses.  It’s really neat.

Cute pose at Pose Fair2017_001
Holding the Umbrella

Next, I visited Melissa Jeanne Flore’s Hollywood chair poses.  They were all fun and as you can see, not much adjustment was needed with the chair and my hands.Cute pose at Pose Fair2017_002.png

I could have spent all day dancing..another Melissa Jeanne Flore’s pose, but I think this was more for the kiddos of my feet went into the floor.  A little readjusting would have fixed it, but I was just looking today.

Cute pose at Pose Fair2017_003.png

What could be more fun than Cats, and Books. So cute!  By the way, I have on a Shovelheads outfit.  Actually 2, because I love this top (it comes in many colors) and the jeans…ooo la la…I love there fit, and the beautiful design on the legs.  Also, SmOke provides a style card – the hair-dos are included.
Cute pose at Pose Fair2017_005.png

Last but not least, I played with Frames and Balloons from Anya Ohmai, and got Vanity’s Fiona…for 35L.  (A great price for a pose!)

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Not sure when the Pose Fair closes – but it’s a great place to play. 🙂
See you around the grid! ~ Jade

Free Hair at Free Dove

It always makes me happy to see designers sharing their products.  When I first came to SL and didn’t know anything, it was awesome to find Free Dove.  I couldn’t believe I could get fashions from the “Big” Designers, and for free!  After I started working as a host, I made sure that I bought from the Designers that gave to the Venue. 🙂  Thank you to all the designers.

So, I went to the store, and found Free Hair!  Free “MESH” Hair!  What a find!

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Find your favorite at Free Dove!  Hurry while supplies last. 🙂
See you around the Grid! ~ Jade