Hearts Ablaze at Easter Egg Hunt

My adventure today took me to Aero Pines and their annual Eggapalooza Easter egg Hunt. I think I’ve enjoyed hunting at every one they’ve had so far.  And hunting was so much fun in my Marquesse Hearts Ablaze Dress with shoes.

Next, I walked over to the horses stall and changed to the Amber Hearts Ablaze Dress and shoes.  Lovely colors, don’t you think?

Marquesse dress with cross shoes_001.png

All the walking made me search for a cool refreshment.  What else would you need in a red, hot dress & shoes like Marquesse Heart Ablaze Red?

Marquesse dress with cross shoes_005.png

Now…which to pick?
Marquesse dress with cross shoes_006.png

And finally, I always come back to the bikes…it’s in my blood.  Yes, I’m a Biker girl…I love to race them.  I hope to see you here at the hunt, in your Marquesse Design.
Marquesse dress with cross shoes_007.png

Ohhh..I spy another egg…better click it!  🙂
See you around the grid!  ~ Jade

Springtacious! Only 10L

Black Bikini Marquesse_001
Just a heads up for all the Sale of the Century watchers!  This cute bikini for Marquesse will be sold at The Wash Springtacious Cart Sale Starting March 29th.  It comes in awesome colors which I will be posting tomorrow.  Check out the poster…and I’ll be back with more!  Hugs!


See you at the Sale! ~ Jade ♥

Esmeralda Outfit for the Free Spirit – Inspiration March 19th-April 9th

Aqua _Esmeralda_w Unicorn Cropped.png

Calling all Free Spirits!  Marquesse has designed the flowing Esmeralda Dress and Slink Shoes. I am so glad that I discovered that I can wear Slink Shoes with the Maitreya body.  However, I still like my Maitreya feet the best. 🙂  The Esmeralda comes with the dress and shoes, and is being shown at Inspiration during the last round.

During this adventure, I met a Unicorn as I wandered around the Zathyra Love & Light Sim.  It is such a beautiful place as you will see through my pictures.

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Finally, I decided it was time to sit and write about my journey today….
yellow w computer- Esmeralda_cropped.pngAnd because I love to write…it was a relaxing way to end the day.
See you around the grid. ~Yours, Jade

Jade’s Flickr:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/128330568@N05/
Marquesse’s Store in SL
Zathyra’s Love & Light Sim at Spirit of Dreams

Spoonful of Sugar Charity Event 3/18th – 4/1st

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My Journey takes me to Paris.  I’m wearing Marquesse SOS dress in Blue.  The designer had made a Paris handbag, Paris scarf and Paris shoes, and the citizens of Paris were snapping their cameras like crazy as I walked around the Eiffel Tower.   I would stop and tell them to go to the Spoonful of Sugar Charity Event, to purchase these lovely items. There are 5 sims of shopping! Here’s a poster with all the information:

SOS 2017 Spring sign.png

After all the sightseeing, I was asked to be in a photo shoot, so of course I wore the Marquesse SOS dress, and with so many colors, it was easy to pose.

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I like to look elegant when I’m going out to parties and concerts, and this dress fits so well.  If you like this look, please attend the Spoonful of Sugar Charity Event, this dress and accessories are exclusive to this event.  You’ll be the talk of the town in Paris, or wherever you go.
Spoonful of Sugar Charity Event Website:  http://www.thesosfestival.com/spoonful_of_sugar_events.html

As always, See you around the grid. ~Hugs, Jade




Princess HAMC Rally_001.png

I met Princess about a year ago when she was working with some ladies for another HAMC-World Rally.  This year, Princess has worked overtime to have the rally this weekend.
In my interview at the Rally site, I asked her a few questions.  First, I wondered how she came to be in Second life?  She said that she and a friend were partying, and got drunk and was looking for music.  Somehow, they found Secondlife, and made avatars..and the rest is history.  Two of her friends were in an MC, and she found her way to HAMC, and became a member of  HAMC-Germany, which is part of HAMC-World.


Princess HAMC Rally_002.png

As you can see from the pictures, she and the team at HAMC has really worked hard!  I asked her what her what she liked best about the Biker’s life?  She said, “Rallies are fun, and you spend a lot of time with other MCs and learn about more people.”
I asked if there was anything she didn’t like about SL, and she said, “DRAMA!”  She said, “Many people want to prove they have the biggest balls, and NBJB is the worst chat for that stuff.”


The biker’s awards are her favorite event, and when I asked her favorite quote she said, “I’m the MuThA FuCkIn, Princess!  That’s Why!  So, pfffffft :)~~~~~ ”  She told me she says this all the time, and it is on her profile.  I had a lot of fun during the interview, and Princess was very sweet to answer all my questions.  It’s sure to be a great time, and I hope you will come to the Rally this weekend.  (Come and get a free chair thrower…heheh.)

See you around the grid.  ~Jade ♥



Shoes, Dresses & Gowns, Oh My!

This post is all about the cute designs of Marquesse, and Shoe-Ddiction.  Spring is coming, and that means Romance and Parties.  Every girl wants to look lovely, and Marquesse has the gown for you!
Marquesse Romantic Gown Blue_001.png

The Romantic Dress in Blue is so elegant in style and color.  It is sure to make you feel like a princess.
Next, Romantic Dress in Green….just fits my Maitreya body like a glove.

Marquesse Romantic Gown Blue_002.png

And, the Marquesse – Romantic Dress – Red…for all you Red, Hot Lovers. ♥

Marquesse Romantic Gown Blue_003.png

And now, the Shoes!  Shoe-Ddiction has the perfect shoes for all your fashion needs.  Take a look at their shoe titled “Donna”…I’m wearing Red, but the shoes come in Black, White, Green, and many other colors to match the spring fashions that are coming out.  At the end of this blog is the Landmark, but Shoe-Ddiction & Marquesse can be found on the Marketplace as well.
Marquesse Romantic Gown Blue_005.png

I did mention dresses in the title and when I blogged previously about the Marquesse Flora Dress, I forgot to  show you the cute shoes that come with it.  I just love the bow on the side.  And these come in Green (as shown), Blue, Orange, Purple and Red.  Awesome look!Marquesse Romantic Gown Blue_007.png

Marquesse Store LM =  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dongyeongju/127/139/2527

Shoe-Ddiction LM = http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emerald%20Island/240/17/22

See you around the Grid. ~ Jade

In search of a Photo Site – I’m famous!

Marquesse Flora_010.png

When you are dressed in a Marquesse fashion – watch out!  The paparazzi will follow you.

My Adventure today was a search for a photo studio, and I found quite a few in SL.  My favorite is this bedroom scene, at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Favellas/230/228/21
Marquesse Flora_001.png

The Marquesse Flora Dress comes in many colors and ohhhh the SHOES!  Maitreya!  Slink, Belleza, and TMP shoes are all in the folder.  Thank you for adding Maitreya shoes…when I saw them in the outfit, I said, “Shoooooeeeees!”  Giggle, Giggle…a girl can never have enough shoes. 🙂
After my perfume and makeup, I unpacked and tried on the Flora Dress in Green.  Awesome fit!
Marquesse Flora_004.png

Next, I went to a cute little poser that was 60’s style, this dress is so versatile, it fits with any background, and sure to be a hit on the Sims you visit.  (But, I whisper…Watch out for the Paparazzi”.)

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See you around the grid! ~ Jade ♥


Marquesse Maya Lace Dress

Jade 2_26_17_001.png

This Sunday, I wore the Marquesse Lace Dress in Purple.  I have slink feet, but don’t wear them with my Maitreya avatar, however, if you have slink feet, there is also shoes that come with this lovely dress.  I love the fact that I don’t have to change my shape with this dress.  It fits Maitreya, Lara, well.  See below for more colors.

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To purchase these dresses,  the Landmark is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dongyeongju/127/139/2527

And about my background…I never thought, when I received a pink flower from a friend that I would have a garden of them.  But, I have 3 different flowers so far, and will have more in a few days.  If you’d like a seed (that comes with the container) IM me.

See you around the grid! ~ Jade 

Emerald Couture & Gardens of Grace

I love to travel both in real life and second life.  Tonight I went to the Gardens of Grace in my new Springtime Emerald Couture outfits.  These will be featured at the Kultivate Spring Fashion Event .  The event will take place on February 25, 2017 at 4 pm.
This outfit has many colors and hugs to JieJie Emerald – she added Maitreya shoes to match with each outfit! Yay!  Check out a few of the colors that I wore tonight.

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See you around the grid!  ~ ♥ Jade ♥
More information about the wonderful outfit:
Store : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/169430
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JieJieEmerald
Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/people/129288520@N02/

Legends MC – Biker’s Rally

Hi!  Legends MC just had a rally and it was so much fun.  Check out the bikes that were presented to be judged.


Most bike builders have something called a “rezzer”.  This means you can rez the bike, ride it and decided if you like it before you buy it.  If you’ve never ridden a bike in SL, contact me, I’d be glad to help you out.  I love going to different tracks and just riding.  I usually turn on the theme to “Easy Rider” and just go. 🙂

After hiking around the Rally, I decided to sit down by the fire and relax.

And who should sit with me..but that great singer, bike builder and President of HAMC – Texas.  If you’d like to join an awesome family, contact Norm..he’s looking for a few good men to be in the Texas chapter. 🙂

The next rally is the VRMC Rally – Starting on February 20th.  Here’s the MC Calendar – there are some neat rallies coming up!
MC Calendar

And as always – See you around the Grid!  ~ Jade  ♥