Clubbin in a Great Outfit

Vivacious has designed another wonderful outfit.  It’s the Club Outfit – Babe.

So many combinations, and so many cute colors and designs, and the belt can be gold or silver – your choice.
Check them all out at Vivacious
InWorld Location:

Let’s Get Physical

Now, I’m showing my age, but not in these awesome outfits from Vivacious!  This top and pants are called “Sporty”.  I found a gym in SL, and went to work out.


First the outfits come in this neat bag.  I don’t know about you, but I like to be able to add something without dragging it on the floor.  The bag has the outfit, and you add it. 🙂

Chillout_003For those cold, winter work outs, Vivacious has wool work-out wear.  And I can’t believe how much I can it called bench press?  I’ll have to find a trainer.

Finally, after hanging around and working out, I needed a cool drink….

The Sporty Outfit comes in many colors and you can wear the top and pants separately.  The shoes are not part of the outfit.  Here’s the Info:

See you around the Grid. ~ Jade ♥

Winter and All Things Wooley

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Shopping in SL is fun, especially when you find an outfit like Vivacious Inc, has designed.  It’s “Amy” and an autumn outfit.  There are so many color choices, I know you will find yours when you visit the store.

Now the hair!!!!  It’s an Alli&Ali Design named Shiki.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  Yes!
Here’s the landmark:

See you around the Grid!  ~ Jade ♥

Christmas Tree Trimming

Almira Hair_001

I really like “going formal” and was happy that our MC had a Christmas dance on Saturday.  This updo by Alli&Ali was a hit, it is Almira Hair Variety, however they have designed another package called Autumn Colors, that is very pretty.  The hud has 6 different selections, and there is a different alpha masking used on this hair.
Here’s another picture using the reddish brown hair selection.


If you don’t like the snips of hair hanging click and there is another option! (6 in total) Here I am with all my hair up.

I hope you visit Alli&Ali, you are guaranteed to find something you love!

See you around the Grid ~ Jade

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Everyone! I’m very thankful for my friends and family and I’m also thankful for all the wonderful designers that allow me to blog their beautiful products.

Here is Cassiopeia, and the hud allows you to switch  modes and color all the hair if you like!  Awesome idea, and I’ve only seen this from Alli&Ali.

One last leaf throw. 🙂

Alli&Ali Designs Inworld:

Happy Thanksgiving!  ~See you around the grid!